The Wall

If there’s been one wall in my life… it’s been physical. I’ve had weird knees since I was 16, with a genetic inclination to lock them in such a way that I resembled a chicken. Don’t laugh. Cousin Bobby could lock his in such a way that they were almost 45 degrees in the wrong direction.

In Junior High I was a member of a synchronized swim team. Before you start laughing again, know that in college I briefly took up fencing. Mostly I’ve succeeded at not breaking a sweat. I blame my knees. I blame genetics. I blame a bunch of things and folks… but if I’m honest, the wall isn’t just physical. It’s psychological as well.If I’m honest, the wall isn’t just physical. It’s psychological as well.

January 2023 I will be turning 60 years old. I’ve decided I’m going to break down walls in my 60th year. I’m taking a sabbatical from work for the first three months of 2023, and in April I’m going to hike Hadrian’s Wall.

The Wall path is approximately 84 miles long, and runs from coast to coast across the northern section of England. I plan on arriving in Edinburgh, and staying there for a day or so before taking the train to Bowness-on-Solway. The following 10 days will be spent walking, drinking in pubs, and staying in B&B’s as I move east toward Wallsend. I’ll then return to Edinburgh for my trip home.

That’s the plan. Two weeks of wall-walking/wall-breaking ridiculousness.

Of course, this sort of nonsense is always better with friends. Here’s the parameters:

  1. Anyone who identifies as female is welcome.
  2. This is not a coordinated tour. I’m not coordinated enough for my own travel to coordinate the travel of others.
  3. Come for the entire event or for just a night or two.
  4. Over the next few months I’ll be blogging about my preparations (I figure if I’m going to be walking 8 miles or so per day I should probably practice doing that). I’ll also be sharing my itinerary.

The basic plan is that I’m going to tell y’all what pub I’m going to be in on which night… as well as where I’ve been able to snag lodging. I will buy the first round every evening, but the rest is on your own. You create your own itinerary. You may choose to walk faster (or not at all!). Just know that whether or not you join me, you’ll be with me as I walk.

I’ll be in Edinburgh April 12th, and Bowness-on-Solway the evening of April 13th. The walk begins April 14th at 9 a.m. I’ll fly home on the 26th. Whee!

I’ll use this page to update progress on preparations and planning. More info to come!



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Hadrian’s Wall

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