In-between time

In several different spiritual systems or theologies there is the idea of an “in-between” time – a time when the veil between worlds, as it were, is thin.  Although my own Reformed understanding doesn’t codify such a space or time, for me it resonates with Paul’s “mirror darkly… then face to face”.

I experience that space just as the dawn is breaking and seconds before my alarm clock rings.  It’s an awareness of what IS as well as what may be… the promise of a new morning (and the desire to not greet it just yet).

But I experience it in the lulls between tasks – those rare moments when I’m not moving from here to there or from project to project – when I’m fully present to the present, and in doing so, present to that which is beyond the present.  I know others experience this during prayer,  or yoga, or meditation.  I most often experience it while knitting, or doing laps at the pool.

In the fullness of that space and in the fullness of that time, I understand albeit briefly so much more about myself, my motivations and my dreams.  It is here where my soul speaks.  It is here where I find peace.

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