The Year of Jubilee – week One.

In ancient Biblical times, the fiftieth year was a year of Jubilee:  a year of freedom and celebration from that which bound an individual. (Lev. 25:10)   As I begin my 50th year (I’m actually over a week into it!) I have spent some time reflecting on what oppresses me – or specifically, what areas of my life are holding me back.

I declare for myself a year of Jubilee!

This year, I plan on taking on 50 small challenges over the course of 50 weeks.  Each challenge is a small something that has great impact on my physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual life.  The challenges are cumulative (week one’s challenge continues through the remaining forty-nine weeks).

Each week will begin with the Sabbath.  There will be a two-week break during August.  I’ll be taking my Comps at that point… and let’s face it, that’s enough to deal with at that time. 😉

Week One’s challenge:  Cardio six times a week, for at least 40 min.

Today is Wednesday – and so far, I’ve worked out 3/3 days.  (That includes today at the hotel gym!  Go me!)


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