I’m a little early…

..for my Sunday update, but I know what the weekend holds, and this may be my best bet.

Perhaps the biggest struggle that I have is in finding balance.  I’m a juggler by nature, and generally am happiest when I’ve got several things in the air, but there are times when I simply can’t manage.  I’m not certain the answer is fewer balls (it happens regardless of how many balls I’ve got floating) but perhaps a greater awareness of my own need to zone out and relax.  This past week has been rough.  Motivation has been low.  In retrospect (blessed retrospect, right?) last week’s residency was so taxing that my brain needed down-time, and it got it.  What I need to learn is how to anticipate that reaction, and to plan for it… and then to let go of the guilt that inevitably comes with it.

I also need to learn to pace myself a bit better in terms of study – hence this week’s small resolution (Jubilee year continues!).  At first glance, it may seem to be a large resolution – but in reality, I’m doing close to this on most days.

Week 3:  Spend between 2 – 3 hours a day reading/writing.  


Upate on previous weeks:

Week 2:  So… NO diet soda was not a reasonable goal.  However, I’ve gone from 3 – 4 cans a day to 4 cans this WEEK.  I’m taking this one as a victory.

Week 1:  I screwed up my knee a bit this week, so I’ve only made it to the gym 5/6 days.  If I am able to go tomorrow as planned, I’ll still be on target.

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