Part of what keeps me from ‘freedom’ is continual comparison with others. I know I’m not alone in this – it is part of how we sort the world around us. The problem comes when our sorting, or or comparing, become harmful. “Blessed are the Meek…” and all of that. I’m superior to this one because of my gender, my orientation, my race, etc. I’m inferior to this other one because of my class, my physical appearance, my education.

Although that sorting is essential to how we work in the world (sorting and naming… very Genesis-ish, no?) it can be done too casually.

I compare myself constantly with others at the gym. At times it provides me the wherewithal to go the extra mile (literally). How can I cycle less than the guy next to me who is twice my age? ::laugh:: At other times it sends me down that spiral of frustration. And in every instance it objectifies others.

So… this week’s Jubilee challenge for myself is to Stop. That. (Or at least, to be aware of when it is happening, and to allow some gentle forgiveness for myself).

This week is also a re-commitment to the program. I’ve been lax in several areas – and it shows!

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Amen sister. Well done. I too need to stop and be and stop the comparisons. You are an amazing pastor and friend.

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