Passover, Maundy Thursday and the Promise

Tonight we will gather in an unusual spot. Instead of the Chapel, or the Sanctuary, we’ll gather in Fellowship Hall around a Table that’s set with unleavened bread, juice (and wine!) as well as humus, cheese and fruit.

Tonight begins with laughter and feasting and friendships. It continues with the opportunity to re-tell the story of Passover (perhaps, just perhaps with a rendition of “Let My People Go” thrown in for good measure).

It really is a joyous thing, you know?

The story of oppression overcome by the grace of God and a people willing to put their feet on the ground and start walking. So, we’ll share wine and bread and story and song and hear the words of Jesus that provoke us to think that perhaps, just perhaps, there is still more oppression that needs liberation and that His broken body and spilled blood play a part in that.

And so we’ll head from the Table, slightly buzzed with the Fellowship and the Grace that abounds (and wine!) and go to the garden to… wait? pray? wonder? sleep? And as we walk to the garden, the concerns of the day intrude and we can’t help but think of the story about liberation and freedom and hope. For there is so much oppression in this world. So much.

Perhaps, we’ll become overwhelmed or bored with it all, and find ourselves drifting off to sleep while our friend prays.

Perhaps we’ll reflect for just a moment on how we actively take part in the oppression of other; willingly sacrificing another for a few measly shekels of savings.

Perhaps, just perhaps, we’ll was our hands of it all; stating that it’s really not our business.

His body broken. His blood spilled.

We have this incredible opportunity to engage with the story as a courageous people of faith, but tonight we’ll acknowledge that there are times when we are Peter, Judas and Pilate. We become apathetic. We betray our values. We wash our hands of all involvement. Tonight and tomorrow we realize that we play a significant role in the story and it isn’t pleasant. Tonight we realize that we are the oppressors, the betrayers and those who pass-the-buck.

But deep down, we also know that the tomb will be empty.

And that tomorrow we’ll have a new chance to try again.
And that the story of release from oppression to liberation is also OUR story and that in the end, Love does win.

One Comment

That was a wonderful piece on your blog. Reminds me of years ago when Buzz and I presided over a similar light Passover supper including all the basic elements in Fellowship Hall. the food was prepared by my January Circle. For years I’d had a copy of the Passover Haggadeh. Max assumed that we would know all that stuff. Buzz’s dad was Jewish, his mom not, so children were not and had no religious instruction. Buzz’s dad would ask ME about all the questions about Passover! The congregation was pleased that this was our Maundy Thursday way to celebrate the Communion of our faith.

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