We are marching in the light of God….

Love the hymn, but it’s a bit presumptuous, isn’t it? I mean, who are we to assume that the cause we are advocating is that which God would smile upon?

I’ve sung this hymn many times before – from seminary, to worship services on various levels (GA, Presbytery and my own wee kirk) – but I have never been more certain that I was marching in the light of God than I was this past Sunday. I was amongst the 400,000 people who participated in the People’s Climate March in NYC. I marched with a good friend from our congregation and my spouse with the Faith-Based folks. We gathered on 58th street, some 10,000 strong. We waited our turn to join the great parade.

And we sang as we waited: “We are marching in light of God!”

And if the walk was a bit surreal, and at times I felt quite detached… standing there with folks from other faith groups (and an inflatable mosque at the front of the queue) all of us singing (we are marching, we are marching, we are marching OH!) I knew with certainty that there was nothing presumptuous at all about it.

We (this marvelous, jaw-dropping collective WE) were marching in the light of God.

My prayer is that this collective energy propel us forward to work towards sustainable stewardship as we march onward in the Light!

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