The senselessness of it all

I’ve seen a few quips on my Facebook feed about the senseless violence in Ferguson, follow the announcement of the verdict.

It’s all senseless.  All of it.

It’s senseless to burn stores to the ground and it’s senseless to defend a system that equates value with skin color.

It’s senseless to armchair quarterback a Grand Jury’s decision, and it’s senseless to ignore the larger context of systemic racism.

This story will fade, but there will be another one with similar senseless motifs in the near future unless we begin to work on problems that are deeper and broader than a single event in Missouri.

I’m not wise enough to know how to tackle those deeper issues on a broad scale.  I do know what I can do in my own backyard.  I also know that the church has something to say about all of this… and we need to find the words and the courage to say them.

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