Coaxing the Connection

I’ve successfully moved into our Syracuse apartment after six fine weeks of hotel living (shout out to the folks at the Candlewood Suites at Carrier Circle – it’s a bit worn around the edges, but the staff are top notch!). The cat will move in with me after MidCouncil later this month, and the spouse and furniture are due to arrive the first week in November. Whew!

Rereading the first paragraph, I realize I need to modify the adverb in the first sentence. There are still a few lingering issues with my move…. and I’m looking at you, Spectrum. Cable and Internet are part of our rental package, but setting up the account and the installation of equipment is the purview of the resident. I dutifully called Spectrum, set up my account and was told where to pick up the equipment. In all fairness, they DID ask if I wanted to have a technician bring the boxes and install them, but I’m my Dad’s daughter, and knew I was up to the challenge.

You know where this is going.

After several hours of struggling with cables and calling technical support (three times! three different answers!) the assemblage of geeks discerned that I had done everything correctly, but that the problem was with the coax cable in the apartment itself. And so, on Wednesday of this week, I will be entertaining angels in the form of an Installation Technician.

Later this week, I will be the one Installed. I’m amused by the parallel.

Some things you simply can’t do on your own. Even though you might possess the technical skills (I did it right, I’ll remind you!), when it comes to any sort of connection – Cable Network/Router, Church/Pastor, Resource Presbyter/Presbytery – there needs to be good effort on both ends in order to make the darn thing work. Sometimes, you need some help getting something installed properly.

There are several definitions of “Install” provided by Webster’s. In the case of a pastoral installation, we usually use the definition that is similar to “induct”. Given my experience this past week, I think the other definition is more apropos: “to place in position or connect for service or use”. That’s the purpose of the Installation service this Saturday. Both parties – Presbytery and Resource Presbyter – will be connected for service and use. Of course, I’m the one being Installed for service and use. I get that. But it’s meaningless unless we’re connected. I’m so incredibly grateful for all the ways this Presbytery has reached out and done the sacred work of connection and encourage you to continue in doing so.

This Saturday, I’m bringing in a few folks in addition to the Administrative Commission who will help with the Installation. Think of them as a Godly Geek Squad of sorts. I’ve invited them because of their expertise in this work… as well as for the joy I know they have for MidCouncil work. Like the Cable Guy, they will bring their own gifts and coax our connection (see what I did there?) to each other. I’m grateful for each of them.

Enough about me. How about you? Where are you currently plugged in and connected? Is the connection (to your faith group, family, spouse, friends and God) functioning at full capacity, or does it need some coaxing? If the latter, let me encourage you to find folks with the technical expertise who can help with those frayed relationships. If you need help finding that assistance, holler. I’m here to serve.

P.S. The Installation Service is at 2 p.m. on October 5th at First Presbyterian of Cazenovia.

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