Confused Cats

My cat is confused.  Although I’m often working from home, my spouse is usually at work.  These last few days he’s been home.  The cat seems content enough – the birds have begun to sing again, and neighbors still walk their dogs outside our window (for his amusement), but there is confusion in that furry little brain.

I get it.  I’ll confess to some confusion myself.  This all seems so surreal. 

My news feed is filled with numbers of tested, and the numbers who have died; borders closed and shops shuttered.  I hear that life will be ‘disrupted’ for months.  The situation is more than fluid – it is torrential.  It feels sometimes like a swift-running current that will sweep us all away.  

For this moment I’ve chosen to focus on the things that haven’t changed.  

We still have one another.  This new reality provokes us to find new ways of connecting with each other – keeping a physical distance has increased the urgency to be more deliberate in our connections.  I take heart in hearing how church folks are checking in with one another, and how the role of Deacon is one we’ve all begun to claim.

We still have the church.  For decades the focus of being the church has been morning worship, but in this new reality we’re finding not just other ways of worshipping… but also new ways of being the community of faith.  Churches are reaching out to their community to find ways of providing food for school children, and extending the support network for seniors.

We have God.  My prayers have been filled with descriptors like Rock, Fortress, Redeemer, Immutable, Refuge and Strength, Unchanging, El Shaddai (evoking mountains), Alpha and Omega, Everlasting One… for if the change around us is torrential I need to remember the One who is my foundation.  Our foundation.

If there is any way that I can help you navigate these waters… please do not hesitate to reach out.  We’ve always been in this together (that has not changed!) but the reality of those words seems somehow more vital and more true today.

Praying for us all…



Encouraging and heartwarming words. Thank you, Karen. Missing you.

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