So here’s the thing…

I’ve got a Livejournal, and have had it for many years.  It’s mostly personal – some work – some hobby.  I’ve also got a knitter’s blog over in blogger land.  I keep a diet and fitness journal elsehwere.  (No.  Don’t ask)   I’ve got a Facebook.  A Myspace.  Do I really need another blog?  Can I fragment my life any more than I already have?


Yes to the first question – and no to the second.  I do need another blog.  One where I can think out loud regarding the church and the Church as well as my ever-being-reformed theology.  I also need a place where I can park some ideas, and float a few balloons.  It’s not fragmentation – it is FOCUS.  (At least, that’s what I’m calling it today).

There are risks in doing this publically.  Although my theology fits squarely within my Reformed roots, I’m challenged by other ideas and other faith communities.  I’m not syncretic, by any means, but I do learn from other places and it enhances who I am as well as the work that I do where I am.  The risk is that in this soundbyte world it would be easy for my words to be taken out of context and misquoted. 

I’d like to think there’s a risk for the reader as well – especially if the reader is a congregant.  A risk to dig deeper and to grapple and to interact in a way that is not possible in the land where I preach and you listen.  The risk here for you is the possibility (no, the expectancy) that you may preach to me and I may listen.

And we both need that.

Hence – another blog.