You know you’re absentminded when…

…you think to yourself, “I should really start another blog” and then you think “I don’t think I’ve tried WordPress” and then you find out that you already have an existing blog on said site.

My bad.

I’m not sure what drives an individual to publicly blog – although I think my impetus is generally related to my need to sort something out.  Writing as therapy, as you will.

So today’s impetus?

Haiti.  Pat Robertson’s comments.  Roselle schools (the High School = epic fail).  The Presbytery’s new Interim Executive.  My own ennui.

And the desire to wrap the world in yarn and protect it and keep it warm.


This Sunday’s lectionary reading is the Wedding at Cana.  There’s Jesus, and Mom, and an apparent lack of wine.  A request, and a wave of the wand, and the wedding party can now party like it’s 1999.

And this is the Jesus I want this minute.  The spandex-clad superhero who can make the earth stop shaking and the idiots stop talking and make everything better so I can sleep at night.

THIS is my own private magic-using Man who can right the wrong in the world so I don’t have to.

Then I read the passage again.

First of all – there’s little spandex, and no leaping over buildings.  Instead there’s the mother telling the servants to do what He tells them to do.

Rats.  Superman’s mother never says anything like this.

Come to think of it, none of the Superfriends seem to need the help of mere mortals.

Then we (of course it is “we”… who did you THINK the servants were?) are told to fill these empty water jars with water.  Of course, they’re not any sort of jars.  They are specifically used for one purpose.

The Women’s Association isn’t going to like this.

Only after they are filled with water – filled to overflowing – and offered to the steward does it become apparent that something has changed.  Pots set aside for one specific ritual purpose are now used for a Par-tay.

And we helped.  Heck, we did the grunt work.

And that remains our call.  To be the hands that lift the stone, and shut the mouth of Robertson and his ilk… to fix the schools and to motivate the church and…

There’s no magic.

There’s us… following the One who directs us in how to go about making change and encouraging us to move forward.

There’s no magic Man.

But there is Jesus…. and a grand party when the work is done.  It’s enough.

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