Seven Sins? No thank you… I’ve got mine already.

I’m working my way through the Seven Deadly Sins.

(No, not literally.  Although the crepes at the Coffee Beanery are the sort of thing that could easily lead to gluttony.)

Of course, the Seven Deadly Sins are an interesting construct – one which has developed over time to include everything from acedia to vainglory (not quite a to z… but you get the picture).  Various theologians have added and subtracted from the catalog of vices provided by Paul in various letters.  Throughout history the sins have been assigned colors, animal symbols (pig=gluttony) and have even been pictured as women.  (Hmmm… misogyny isn’t a sin?).

From time to time there have been “counters” offered – the opposite, if you will.  Or a corrective measure suggested… such as those guilty of Lust will suffer an eternity of an ice bath in Hell.

So much consideration of what sin is, and what it is not… and of course the idea that some sins are deadlier than others (not in the Reformed understanding)… seems to be good fodder for a Lenten series.  Throw in that several of the lectionary readings seem to have a direct connection with the infamous seven, and we have a sermon series.

It all begs the question of personal sin… what do you own as your own issue?  How does it affect your life and relationships?  What have you done to counter it?  What are you being called to do about it?

As for me?

:::looks longingly at the crêpe before me:::

I think I know where this Lent will lead *me*.

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