What limits us?

Several months ago I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition, and in the grand tradition of obese folks every where I bounced around doing the “I knew it!” dance.  In fact, according to the Dr., my numbers three years ago are considered treatable by today’s standards.

So – a pill or two later, and an adjustment last week to a strong dose, and I’m still hovering at the same weight I’ve been at for much of the last few years.  I work out several times a week (have a Bodybug to prove it!) and eat reasonably well.  Still… nada.

I’m not frustrated though.  Part of it is knowing that I must be doing something because I’m up to 25 laps in the pool and 30 min on the exercise bike.  Sometimes on the same day!  I’m just wondering what is it that is limiting me so.  Is it attitude?  Is it fear?  If the physical is in check – then perhaps I need to look more deeply at the emotional.  Or the spiritual.

I will confess to some frustration when it comes to the workings of my body.  I did some damage to my knee several weeks ago while in Minneapolis, and it still isn’t right.  Heck, sometimes it HURTS.  The Doc pronounced it a sprain – but if it continues any longer, I many go back and suggest he try again.

The thing is, I know I hurt it while walking – and I pushed myself HARD.  I broke through some of my preconceived limits (and apparently, I broke *me*).

The lesson I learn from this is that I need to stretch my limits before breaking them.  And that goes for the emotional and spiritual as well.  This is no walk to Damascus – with larger-than-life consequences.  This is taking everything, EVERYTHING, one step at a time.  And this blog?  It’s how I plan on mapping out the territory.

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