Intuition takes me everywhere

Intuition takes me there…Intuition takes me everywhere” – John Lennon

In Myers-Briggs speak, I’m an N. That means I tend to lean into my intuition to make decisions. Frankly, I can demonstrate that my intuition is pretty solid. Exhibit A is my wonderful spouse of 26 years. I knew he was the man I would marry long before we began as a couple.

I operate off my gut frequently. Intuition has done everything from helping me to choose colors for our apartment to navigation (pre-Siri). It’s a wonderful gift to have, and although not fool-proof, I tend to trust mine. Chances are, if I were to tell you this, you’d nod with some degree of agreement.

However, if I were to tell you that my intuition provides me with what I need in order to know the price of almonds in Minnesota, you’d probably question my sanity.*

Perhaps this is because one of the important aspects of intuition seems to be the ability to observe clues (verbal, visual, etc.). The minute it’s apparent that I have no access to those clues (I’m not in Minnesota) my ‘intuition’ is circumspect. Another thing at play is the ability to unconsciously recognize patterns based on our experience. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not downplaying intuition (see selection of spouse, above). I’m just trying to understand how it works, and where it works best.

What makes no sense to me is how some folks can assert their belief in a Presidential candidate’s truthfulness based on intuition or gut. Their access to cues is limited to that which is already controlled by the media (if there is anything we’ve learned from reality television is that it far from ‘real’). In addition, our experience of these individuals is also limited in a similar fashion.

I just don’t like him. I just don’t like her. There’s something fishy about him/her.

Listen. Going on your intuition in this case is about as valid as strange women lying in ponds distributing swords as basis for a system of government. It doesn’t work for judging politicians any more than it works for intuiting the price of almonds. You only see what is shown, and there’s not enough of that for a) acquiring cues or b) unconscious pattern recognition.

Be a good citizen. Go beyond duty, and beyond your gut reaction and do the research. Remember that media is biased, and get information from a wide range of sources (including non-US ones). Choose a few from the ‘other side’ as well.  Then decide who will have your vote in November.

Leave the intuition for stuff like picking drapes.


*I do know folks who seemingly know stuff they should have know way of knowing. To me, this is not intuition… it’s magic.

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